Used Dodge – Suitable For Reserved Brits?

It would be rather true to say that as a concept or idea, American cars don’t generally work well in this country (United Kingdom). This could be based on a selection in factors, ranging from the size of American cars, to the fact that our twisty and windy roads often make tough work for American cars handling. As a result cars from across the pond tend not to sell extremely well in Europe and often sit on dealership’s forecourts for years, getting slowly eroded by the infamously bad British weather.

Over time, the manufacturers of these American cars took on board the criticism being aimed at them and went back to the drawing board to re-imagine the big American car but with added manoeuvrability. One such example of this is the range of Dodge vehicles, which are just beginning to permeate the collective conscious and make an impact in the United Kingdom.

The vehicle I chose to test recently was the Dodge Avenger, which is rather ‘individual’ in the looks department, being designed to look like a child from the 1970s has been asked to drawer what cars will look like in the future. On further inspection there is a certain amount of charm about the Dodge Avenger to save it from the scrap heap. Despite being very muscular in appearance, the Avenger is surprisingly agile and coped admirably with a test on the country roads where I live.

I would however recommend that if you are considering buying a Dodge Avenger, you check out a Used Dodge garage as there are some great second hand bargains to be had that will cut your costs dramatically.