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Automotive Service Technician Career Education Options

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Automobiles break down often and the skills needed to fix them typically require knowledgeable professionals. Students can take their interest of cars and apply it to educational training. Several degree program options prepare students to become automotive service technicians.

Vocational schools across the country train students to understand the procedures and tools needed to fix automobiles. Education is crucial in order to gain the skills required to examine, manage, and fix automobiles and light trucks. Training typically integrates various types of vehicles that run on gasoline and electricity. Some programs also explore vehicles that run off of alternative fuel sources such as ethanol. Inside the profession technicians perform a variety of duties, which can include:

  • Basic Maintenance Services
  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotations

Educational training is focused on developing a student’s knowledge to diagnose problems and plan vehicle repairs. The work conducted in today’s technologically advanced industry requires professionals to have formal training. Students can gain the knowledge needed to be successful inside the field by working through programs at the certificate and associate’s degree level. Certificate programs are short and typically last six to twelve months. Associates degree programs provide students with general education courses and more in depth technician courses. Programs at this level last two years and prepare students to enter the industry.

Training is a great way to gain a foundational understanding of the profession, which is used to gain practical on-the-job experience. Many colleges incorporate on-the-job training as part of their curriculum. New technicians work for two to five years before becoming fully qualified. This time allows technicians to practice and gain experience working with automobiles, which includes basic and complex repairs.

Students that pursue certification will be ready to apply the current operating practices needed to diagnose problems and fix automotive systems. Coursework develops the knowledge to service and fix automobiles by teaching students to understand test and repair procedures. Brake systems, safety inspection tests, hybrid vehicle practices, powertrain electronics, and air conditioning systems courses develop the skills needed to obtain entry-level careers. A hybrid course, for example, breaks down every part of hybrid cars. The storage factors, hybrid controls, combustion engine modifications, and fuel sources are all topics discussed in detail. Stepping into careers will have students immediately putting their skills to use.

The ability to identify every component of an automobile and explain its purpose is just one area that is learned inside training at the associate’s degree level. Coursework covers the broad spectrum of skills needed to fix a variety of vehicles using the latest technologies and practices. Automotive brakes, electronics, drive-trains, industry mathematics, engine performance theories, and technical communications courses are some subjects students may work through. Upon completion of a program students are required to obtain certification. Students will graduate with Automotive Service Excellence credentials.

Learning to understand automobiles and how to repair them is a skill set that will not go to waste. Students should begin accredited automotive service training and start working towards becoming technicians. The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology ( ) is one of numerous agencies approved to fully accredit the best schools and colleges that offer a quality education.

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Used Car Extended Warranty Quotes – Save Money Buying an Automotive Service Contract Direct Online

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If you have a home computer or access to one, you’re just a click away from the many websites available to give you quotes for extended vehicle warranty. As you browse around the various extended vehicle warranty companies, you should write down your options for coverage and rates. Then compare them all to see which offers more benefits for the least money. There are even online comparison websites where you can enter information about your vehicle and be matched with companies and receive their extended vehicle warranty quotes. Information about each company, such as quotes and benefits, are displayed side-by-side, so that you can easily compare them.

When it comes it comes to dealing with extended vehicle warranty companies, you should be cautious of their contract. Read it carefully to ensure that you’re not getting something less or more than what you’re asking for. Some companies have caused confusion with their warranty contracts by calling the plan something that it isn’t. Example: You go to an extended warranty company and purchase a plan that they call “bumper-to-bumper power train warranty”. Now, you’re thinking that you will receive a new car bumper-to-bumper warranty, but you aren’t. The company is calling this warranty something that it isn’t and it’s confusing people to buying something they don’t want. So a lot of people are believing they are getting a lot of benefits, when in fact, they are getting only a power train warranty.

The power train is located in between the bumpers, thus the name bumper-to-bumper power train warranty. The companies rephrase it to sound like it’s more than it is. Take note of all this when you begin your search for used extended vehicle warranties. With the internet, you can compare companies to the T, so that there are no confusions. Soon you’ll find a quote that fits your budget and coverage needs.


Automotive Service Manger Training Will Help You Succeed

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Enrolling in a program for automotive service manger training can help you advance in your career. Mechanics and service technicians learn a lot including the other skills that you will need to be a manager. A good management program can help you develop the abilities you require.

To excel in a management position, there are some abilities you’ll need to have to begin with. You should be able to lead, be well-organized, good in computers and math, and be able to deal with people well. You should also have multi-tasking skills. If this describes you, then the service manager training program will help you take advantage of your natural abilities.

While you work as a mechanic, you enhance your skills of servicing cars. But when you enroll in a manager training program, you will focus on the business aspect of automotive servicing. In the manager position, you work with the vendors, customers, mechanics and more to be sure that everything is functioning at optimum.

Customer service is a key factor in the success of this position. It all starts with making the service appointment and writing up the orders. Any problems need to be handled efficiently and calmly and in such a way that both customer and company are satisfied.

Employee motivation is another important thing to learn, in addition to knowing when and how to discipline. Some employees are harder to work with than others and you need to understand how to deal with them all. You may have been working next to these same people who are reporting to you now, which makes it a bit trickier. You need to learn how to have them respect you but still have a good working relationship.

Inventory tracking is something you will learn as well. As a service manager, you will need to know when to order parts. You will also need to be able to problem solve when you are having problems with them.

Management programs also incorporate accounting training in the curriculum. Large dealerships will have a dedicated accounting department. But managers need to understand accounting relative to the service department and the affect on the overall accounting of the company.

Marketing is also an area that will be covered, even though larger businesses will have separate marketing staff. However, the sales department has a huge effect on the marketing effort that you need to understand. For example, if the service department has a poor reputation, it is going to be hard to market it.