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How You Stand to Gain From Automotive Service Consulting

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Choosing the Right Automotive Services for Your Vehicle

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Your car is one of the most expensive items you own, and you need it to start every day in order for your life to go on. Taking care of your vehicle is important, so there are many automotive services available to keep your ride in the best condition possible. Choosing a company to care for your car is important as well, so make sure you look for a few key things.


Companies that have a lot of experience changing oil, rotating and aligning tires, repairing broken lines and hoses, and performing other maintenance tasks will do a good job of taking care of your ride. Only work with a business that is proud of their combined skills and years of experience working on problems that are similar to yours. Many companies list accomplishments and awards on their walls so their customers can see them.

Quality Parts

A repair shop should only use quality parts with manufacturer’s guarantees. You don’t want to get stuck with replacement parts that fail on you or quickly break. A business should be willing to tell you who manufactures their parts, and whether those parts are certified for used auto stores. If they don’t, they may be hiding information from you. Some less-than-reputable repair shops will remove an old or malfunctioning part from one vehicle just to install it in the next one that comes into the shop!

Customer Service

The auto services company that will properly care for your vehicle will also treat you with respect. So keep an eye on how they treat you, and their other customers, when you visit their shop. Are they respectful and informative, or do they only give you vague answers? Are they willing to answer all your questions? Do their other customers look frustrated or annoyed? Of course, taking a car to the shop is often a stressful experience, so it doesn’t necessarily mean anything if the customers there look a little harried. If the customer service is subpar, though, that could be an indication that their work will be, too.


Every car repair shop has a reputation, and the same goes for the automotive services they provide. You want to choose a shop that has a great reputation for listening to their customers, charging a fair and honest rate that’s in-line with their estimate, and performing quick and long-lasting repairs. You can look up any company’s reputation online by viewing reviews from their current and past customers.

When seeking automotive services, there are many things you should keep in mind. A comfortable waiting area, friendly customer service, a positive reputation, and the use of quality car parts are all things you should look for before you let anyone look under the hood of your ride. Your car deserves quality care, so make sure you choose the right automotive services business.


Mobile Automotive Service Franchises – Do They Make Sense?

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Choosing the perfect franchise business opportunity to meet your personal life and family needs is far from a jog through the park on a nice summer day. Franchise opportunities come in all shapes and sizes and span some 120 industries and industry sub-sectors. In fact, it’s really hard to find a viable industry that is not represented in franchising. Oh sure, there are a few, but, I bet you’d have a tough time identifying them.

The question is where do you fit in, in the franchising world? Every franchised company has a sales department and all of them believe their franchise is the best, but the question is, will it be the best franchise for you? There are of course many limiting factors that you must consider such as how much money you have to invest and what you might enjoy doing.

One nice compromise for a low-cost franchise that is well within your budget would be a service business. And if you like cars, you are in luck, because there are a ton of great little automotive franchises available. I ought to know, before retirement I ran an automotive service franchise, which was a mobile service franchising company; and we always had lots of competition.

No, an automotive type franchise offering may not be of interest to you, but if it does pique your curiosity, then you ought to look into this sector. Generally, the mobile car or truck franchises have franchise fees ranging from $5,000 to $28,000 and most have two-three weeks of comprehensive training. Some have been around for over a decade and have a really good reputation. So, perhaps you might consider this?