Car Dealers – Buying a Fiat 500

Now that the main hype over the new Fiat 500 has died down, it’s time to be fashionably late; visit a car dealer and buy one. It has become ridiculously popular in the short space of time since its release, and even the jet set have taken it under their wing. It is undeniably cute and cool at the same time and makes the perfect city car for any generation. Older drivers favour its classic charm and the trendier buyer can opt for a funkier version if they wish.

Fiat has recently released a pink version to their car dealers, which of course has attracted the younger female buyer. Many teenage girls wanting a first car have hankered over this model, as it is not only pink on the outside but it has a pink dashboard and pink accessories throughout. It’s the ultimate ‘Daddy’s little princess’ car and was a smart move from Fiat.

The extras you can get for this car are surprisingly many, and it is hard not to spend more money on these than on the car itself (which, incidentally, is very cheap). With everything from Barbie make up holders to sports pedals and Italian flag badges to a soft top it can be very easy to spend a lot more than you thought on your new toy.

Putting aside looks, this car is quite a good run around, but take it out of a city environment where long distance driving becomes inevitable and it may just be slightly too uncomfortable. A jittery drive and slightly cramped conditions may not make it the best car for commuting long distances. The pros are plentiful though, and a test drive will help you to decide if you can put up with any flaws. Ask your car dealers for a longer test drive than usual so that you can really get a feel for it in many different areas. If you do decide to get this car though, one thing is for sure; you’ll be in good company.