Car Dealers – Buying a Fiat 500

Now that the main hype over the new Fiat 500 has died down, it’s time to be fashionably late; visit a car dealer and buy one. It has become ridiculously popular in the short space of time since its release, and even the jet set have taken it under their wing. It is undeniably cute and cool at the same time and makes the perfect city car for any generation. Older drivers favour its classic charm and the trendier buyer can opt for a funkier version if they wish.

Fiat has recently released a pink version to their car dealers, which of course has attracted the younger female buyer. Many teenage girls wanting a first car have hankered over this model, as it is not only pink on the outside but it has a pink dashboard and pink accessories throughout. It’s the ultimate ‘Daddy’s little princess’ car and was a smart move from Fiat.

The extras you can get for this car are surprisingly many, and it is hard not to spend more money on these than on the car itself (which, incidentally, is very cheap). With everything from Barbie make up holders to sports pedals and Italian flag badges to a soft top it can be very easy to spend a lot more than you thought on your new toy.

Putting aside looks, this car is quite a good run around, but take it out of a city environment where long distance driving becomes inevitable and it may just be slightly too uncomfortable. A jittery drive and slightly cramped conditions may not make it the best car for commuting long distances. The pros are plentiful though, and a test drive will help you to decide if you can put up with any flaws. Ask your car dealers for a longer test drive than usual so that you can really get a feel for it in many different areas. If you do decide to get this car though, one thing is for sure; you’ll be in good company.

Your Worst Driving Nightmare! Driving Instructor in Ireland Reveals the Secrets of Gallic Charm

One of the first articles we published in 2005 commenced the story of a little Gallic number and the horrors of being on the receiving end of a Monday Morning car, or perhaps it was a Friday afternoon example and Les Fran├žais were about to demonstrate their Rugby prowess by annihilating their favourite enemy thereby emptying the Factory in record time.

Either way it didn’t make much difference because in all the years of Automotive History there has never been such a car! However if anyone after reading this current chapter can beat the list of faults and eclipse the dissatisfaction rating, we will be glad to hear from them. We might even publish it on our Garage Horror Stories Archive on the Web Site! You are going to have to come up with something the equal of Frankenstein meets Alien or you are simply not at the races! Actually we never got to the races because with just 70 miles on the clock on day two the car went into self destruct mode and refused to take us any further!

Sadly, the Main Dealer who supplied this poorly constructed example of Automotive construction at its worst, had not been attending the Classes for Irate Customer Retrieval which are run regularly throughout the Autumn and Winter months when Car sales are a little slow and well, the Certificate of Attendance looks good on a C.V. ! We are talking here about the little list of accomplishments that accompany Job applications and Career advancement not the enigmatic and thoroughly charming Car of the same name by a certain French Car maker! Perhaps if we had purchased a little C.V. (although few examples existed at that time) we wouldn’t be writing this current chapter of the saga!

Still Life is full of Surprises and even fuller when it comes to parting with hard earned cash for those money eating, brain numbing, heartbreaking bits of Technology with the four little black bits that go round and round. (Phrase courtesy of Gary Anderson who for those of you not familiar with Motor Sport is a Formula One Designer and now fascinating Commentator)

Classes in dealing with all kinds of upset Car customers should be mandatory for all Car Sales Personnel and should be paid for by the Manufacturers. After all, without the Car Salesman, the Manufacturers would have a helluva lot of inventory to shift and since they created the problems in the first place it seems only fair that they should solve them don’t you think?

After the first few return visits to the said Dealership as parts imploded, shut down or just plain fell off, it was obvious that an early warning alarm system had been hurriedly cobbled together to announce our proximity! When someone did have the unfortunate experience of facing us head on, there were the usual expressions of incredulity and amazement that such a car could possibly be giving trouble. “Oh we never have any problems with this model” or “You have been spectacularly unfortunate with this Car” and so on…As anyone will tell you, the fact (disputable!) that no one else is having problems with a particular car or that you have been unlucky, doesn’t do anything at all to ease your own particular pain. In fact I think it makes things worse if anything!

What was sadly lacking but all too common was the need to appreciate that when things go wrong… Hell… they gotta get fixed and Pronto AND with a smile AND some suitable apologies. Then and maybe only then a Customer might be saved for another day. But what the heck we don’t need to bother with customers OR their problems… we’ve got a never ending queue of victims waiting to part with their cash for the latest model that’s been well advertised on T.V. so why worry?

I think this must be the derivation of the commonly used phrase now “No Worries” Picture the Car salesman viewing the queue of Customers waiting at the door come opening time…all he has to do is chant the personal mantra quietly to himself “No Worries” and all will be well . Did you ever hear of a Car Salesman being lynched?

The gruesome details would make a grown man weep…I should know I was there! Do you want the shortened version or the Directors Cut? The fully unexpurgated version will be available shortly on the web site but it is being digitally enhanced as we speak… so here are just a few titbits to keep you amused:

Week One … All Electrics Down …No Can fix! Temporary replacement for booked holiday!

Month One… Front Shock Absorber ceases to Absorb! Head Mechanic says there is no problem. Delighted when after insistence by customer that car be looked at there is a problem after all! Customers don’t know squat about Cars! That’s what you think!

Month Six… Steering Rack decides not to Steer any more! Why should the Shocks have all the fun? Obviously didn’t like the way I took our local corner every day on two wheels! No Part available in Ireland …so Coffee and Croissants for four days while car waits patiently on the rack! It’s a bit like the Spanish inquisition only French! Driving skills becoming atrophied through lack of use!

Month Eight…Accelerator Cable decides all this speed is just too much for comfort and …just like that …Snaps. Bank Holiday weekend ends in confrontation with Lady Friend and a Taxi home and complete misery.

I think that’s enough to be getting on with don’t you?…keep your ear to the ground for further instalments!

Used Dodge – Suitable For Reserved Brits?

It would be rather true to say that as a concept or idea, American cars don’t generally work well in this country (United Kingdom). This could be based on a selection in factors, ranging from the size of American cars, to the fact that our twisty and windy roads often make tough work for American cars handling. As a result cars from across the pond tend not to sell extremely well in Europe and often sit on dealership’s forecourts for years, getting slowly eroded by the infamously bad British weather.

Over time, the manufacturers of these American cars took on board the criticism being aimed at them and went back to the drawing board to re-imagine the big American car but with added manoeuvrability. One such example of this is the range of Dodge vehicles, which are just beginning to permeate the collective conscious and make an impact in the United Kingdom.

The vehicle I chose to test recently was the Dodge Avenger, which is rather ‘individual’ in the looks department, being designed to look like a child from the 1970s has been asked to drawer what cars will look like in the future. On further inspection there is a certain amount of charm about the Dodge Avenger to save it from the scrap heap. Despite being very muscular in appearance, the Avenger is surprisingly agile and coped admirably with a test on the country roads where I live.

I would however recommend that if you are considering buying a Dodge Avenger, you check out a Used Dodge garage as there are some great second hand bargains to be had that will cut your costs dramatically.

Car Repair – Top Notch Automotive Service Available

If your vehicle is in need of any type of car repair, ranging from a tune up, routine oil changes, or even repairs such as a rebuilt transmission, then make sure to drop it off at the best auto shop available. There are countless amounts of mechanic garages all around, but plenty will rip you off and plenty more may not be properly qualified to provide the best service you need. To know how to find and select the best type of labor in this field, keep reading.

First off, do not take your vehicle to the garage because it has advertisements all over the place. Any business needs to be looked into a little bit before hiring. Take the time to find out some background information regarding the reputation of the place. Plenty of places can afford billboards, but that does not always mean topnotch labor is guaranteed.

If you stumble upon a really great coupon or special deal for a particular type of service, be sure to ask some friends or family members if they have sought the help of the shop in question. No discounted rate is worth multiple trips back to the garage.

In addition, if a particular location piques your interest or seems ideal, but the pricing seems high, check out the competition. If other businesses offer to take care of the same type of job for less and another place’s fee is far too high, then keep looking. There are a lot of drivers just like you that are anxious about taking their vehicles to the mechanic, for fear of being taken for a ride. Do not worry about this; just take a little time to scope out the competition. Know as much as you can about typical prices for specific jobs and you will be okay.

Ideally, we would all like to avoid trips to the auto shop as often as possible. Few things are as crucial as our cars, so make sure the job you need is taken care of right the first time. Call up and ask to speak to a representative of the garage. Ask about the standards of not just the business, but what the qualifications of the employed technicians are. How well trained are the people that will be working on your car and how much experience do they have, depending on the type of service needed? These are easy questions to ask and should be simple to answer for auto shop employees. Do not hesitate to ask about this if you are at all unsure about a particular shop.

It is good to know of a reliable shop ahead of time. You never know when an accident might happen or when you may be in a bind in regards to your car. This is arguably the most important piece of property you own, so it is best to know who to go to when it needs attention or maintenance. Start looking today and ask around for top notch car repair shops.