A Closer Look At the XF And XJ Jaguar Cars

Today’s modern woman is successful, independent and in many cases earns more than her spouse or significant other. There’s a common stereotype that women prefer more affordable and practical cars, however that is not accurate. I am a woman and I prefer cars that are expensive, performance oriented and make an impression. Here are my top picks of cars for the woman who has it all.

My first choice is the sleek and sexy Jaguar XK sports car. Direct competitors include the BMW 6 series and the Porsche 911. It is powered by a V8 5.0 Liter engine with 385 hp. The XK is one fast ride and accelerates from zero to sixty in just 5.2 seconds. Jaguar Drive Control is also in place which allows the driver to drive the vehicle in various modes depending on road conditions. The interior is contemporary and modern while still retaining that classic Jaguar charm. Buyers can select aluminum trim instead of traditional wood. The radio and temperature settings are controlled by a LCD touch screen. Pricing for the Jaguar XK starts at around the $75k range.

Another excellent option for the woman who has it all is the elegant and refined XJ. This is a stunning car with gorgeous lines that will make a great impression. The XJ is extremely lightweight due to the fact that it’s made out of aluminum. The engine is powerful; it’s an eight cylinder with 385 HP which can be upgraded to a supercharged version with an intense 510 hp. Three trim levels are available, the base, Supercharged and Supersport. A really nifty feature is the rotary gear selector, which rises up once the engine is started. Cost for the XJ is at the mid $71k range. This would be an ideal choice for a woman who prefers a ride that is on the smooth, comfortable and luxurious side.

The XK is more athletic and suited for the woman who wants a sportier drive while the XJ is more of a cruiser and geared towards comfort. Either way, both of these cars would be a solid choice for a woman who demands the best in her life and from her cars.

The belief that most women prefer practical and affordable cars is extremely. Many women today are independent, make their own money and can afford the beset of the best. We don’t want to drive a small economy car or a mundane mini-van; we have worked hard and want to live life to the fullest.